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Holidays in 2021...

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

COVID-19 has changed so much about our lives and how we do day to day things but the one thing on everyone’s mind right now is how it will impact their summer holiday plans.

The thought of sitting on a flight packed with people is not an attractive prospect right now and the government changing their minds almost daily about green/amber countries makes planning difficult. So, why not rediscover the beautiful countryside that lies on your doorstep?

There are so many reasons why a countryside stay-cation, in beautiful rural Herefordshire is the perfect choice. A naturally socially-distanced holiday, one that doesn’t require a 2 week quarantine when you return. Not to mention, the British tourism industry needs all of the support that it can get right now. The Herefordshire countryside offers the space you need for a socially-distanced holiday where you can travel without worrying about running into hoards of people.

Caplor Glamping & Lodges is the perfect getaway as it is socially distanced by design. It is out in the open, secluded and private. What ever happens with the lifting of the remaining restrictions on the 19th July; outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, fishing and golf are already permitted under the government’s rules giving you plenty to do on your trip.

So forget about jetting off this year and discover the adventure that is right under your nose. You may even find you’ll want to come back for years to come!

Contact us today to book your break: email or call Sy on 01432 860644 ext 236.

See you soon


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