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Our Environmental Commitment

After changing weather resulted in numerous lost harvests, Caplor Farm transitioned from an agricultural hub to one of renewable energy and sustainability. 

The site is now powered and supplied via the elements using a combination of:


  • air source heat pumps

  • wind turbines

  • solar panels,

  • a borehole, and


  • a biomass heater


Our glamping pods and luxury lodges all draw from this power, so by choosing to holiday at Caplor Glamping & Lodges, you are making a positive impact in protecting the environment. 

Work on site continues striving towards increased sustainability, renewability and environmental protection. We are currently working on our latest project to introduce more wildflowers onto our site. As you drive up to your accommodation, keep an eye out for the first shoots of wildflowers promising to bring a rainbow of colour to the landscape. We also encourage a "dark skies" policy to minimise the disruption to our nocturnal residents and maintain a peaceful and relaxing ambience.


Our aim is to complete a stepping stone in the B-Lines Insect Superhighway: a series of insect pathways linking wildflower areas to provide our invertebrate neighbours with vital support and sustenance as they work hard pollinating. The Superhighway also revitalises areas that have been left unloved, creates new wildlife habitats, and boosts the numbers of wildflowers that have seen a decrease of 97% (an area the size of Wales) since the 1930s.

This work will:


  • Help conserve our natural pollinators

  • Increase the wildflower grasslands and in turn, increasing nectar and pollen sources and supporting new wildlife habitats

  • Help our wildlife roam to new habitats as they respond to climate change

  • Provide a vital link in the B-Lines network

  • Enhance and revitalise our local area

Our site benefits from several footpaths and walking routes our guests can enjoy including the famous Wye Valley Walk. Along with route maps, guests can also find activity sheets in the Welcome Packs to help keep children occupied and engaged with the environment around them.

Where possible, we promote local businesses and services providing support to our community, and always endeavour to use local contractors, such as our wonderful housekeeping team, Elite Sister Cleaning Services. 

Our sustainability and environmental efforts will continue and to date, we are pleased to say Green Tourism has awarded us a Bronze award. We're thrilled our efforts have been recognised. Our aim for the following year is to work towards a Silver award.




We look forward to continuing to build an environment loved by guests and wildlife alike. Should you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us. 

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