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Our Environmental Commitment

Welcome to Caplor Farm, where the wind whispers tales of change and the sun smiles on a greener tomorrow.

This land once yielded bountiful harvests, but fickle weather left barren fields. We took nature's cue and transitioned the farm towards sustainability. Air and earth now power our lodgings, with wind turbines spinning stories of renewable energy and solar soaking up the sun's nourishing rays. The past and future intertwine, roots running deep even as new life springs forth.

As you meander the grounds, watch for wildflowers peeking through - our latest effort to provide a nectar haven for bees and butterflies. We're connecting the dots, creating an insect superhighway of blossoms. Just imagine, clover-lined lanes bustling with the traffic of painted ladies, monarchs, and bumblebees. Even the starry nights seem brighter, the inky sky preserved to avoid disrupting hedgehogs and owls.

Every step brings us closer to a Silver Green Tourism award. But it's the rosy-cheeked kids and relaxed smiles of guests that are the real rewards. When you stay with us, you're part of our journey towards sustainability. From the local businesses we support to the energy we harness, we're committed to protecting this little corner of the earth.

So breathe in the sweet-scented air, unwind, and know that your stay makes a difference. We've always believed that when nature thrives, so do those lucky enough to call this land home, even for a little while. Our roots are here, and we'll continue nurturing the seeds we've sown to grow something beautiful for all to enjoy.

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